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Pedal South Africa

700C Gravel Cycling Carbon Wheel

700C Gravel Cycling Carbon Wheel

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Embark on a thrilling journey with our 700C Gravel Carbon Bicycle Wheel! Unleash the power of innovation as you conquer gravel terrains with a symphony of style, speed, and unbeatable performance. Elevate your ride and redefine your adventure—this is more than a wheel; it's your ticket to excitement on every gravel road.



  • Gravel Bike
  • 35mm Deep, 30mm Width
  • 700c Tubeless Clincher
  • Symmetry/Asymmetry Carbon Rim
  • Disc Road
  • Hook/Hookless Wheel


Upgrade your gravel biking experience with precision-engineered 700C Gravel Carbon Bicycle Wheels—where innovation meets adventure on every ride!

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